GOAL: To bring Awareness, Education and Expansion around the issue of heavy backpacks and the inherent health dangers by presenting legislation in as many states as possible.

We have a petition on Change.org. Sign it today and be sure to leave a comment too!

We have a sister petition running in the U.K. on change.org as well.
New Partnerships and Progress!
  • Tennessee is the first state to pass our Resolution through their House! 92 Ayes and 0 Nays!
  • California and New Jersey have introduced resolutions and are in process!
  • The backpack video is being seen worldwide!
  • We now have a partnership with Backcare.org in the U.K.! Backcare.org, a grassroots non profit organization, has made it their mission to eradicate causes of chronic back pain. They have been instrumental in helping to empower change. We have a LinkedIn page focused on the heavy backpack issue named Global Schoolbag Campaign: Click Here
  • Helen Brister, U.K. resident and author, and I worked together to pen the petitions mentioned above.
  • At least 7 states, several state school board associations and state advocacy groups waiting to see this model legislation, so they can implement legislation in their state!
  • In contact with Surgeon General’s office to discuss this issue.
  • Make sure you check out all of the NEW research that is on our RESEARCH?LINKS page