GOAL: To bring Awareness, Education and Expansion around the issue of heavy backpacks and the inherent health dangers by presenting legislation in as many states as possible.

We have a petition on Change.org. Sign it today and be sure to leave a comment too!

New Partnerships and Progress!
  • Tennessee is the first state to pass our Resolution through their House! 94 Ayes and 0 Nays! Their Senate is hearing the Resolution in the January 2016 term.
  • Many states have introduced resolutions/legislation and are in process!
  • Many child and health advocacy groups, such as NC Child and the Tennessee Public Health Association, supports change by endorsing our mission!
  • The backpack video is being seen worldwide! Thank you so much for the comments left on both the website and petition. They help with showing legislators that constituents are wanting change!
  • Make sure you check out all of the NEW research that is on our RESEARCH?LINKS page