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Healthy states: "Adolescents (ages 10-19) and young adults (20-24) make up 21% of the population..... Behavioral patterns established during these developmental periods help determine young people's current health status and risk for developing chronic diseases in adulthood."

The socioeconomic impact of low back pain, including both direct and indirect costs of health care and disability attendant to the disorder, has been estimated to exceed $100 billion each year. In addition, annual indirect costs of $14.0 billion in lost wages were incurred as a result of spine disorders. (Chapter 9: Health Care Utilization and Economic Cost of Musculoskeletal Diseases.)

Wearing heavy backpacks greatly alters how the head is carried on the spine. We call this Anterior Head Carriage. For every inch of change in Anterior Head Carriage, the weight of the head on the spine increases by 10 lbs. The average weight of the head is 12 lbs.


Image The 42 Pound Head