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Our Goal is to bring Awareness, Education and Expansion around the issue of heavy backpacks and the inherent health dangers by presenting legislation in as many states as possible. We have a petition on Change.org. Sign it today to protect our children!

New Partnerships and Progress!

  • Tennessee is the first state to unanimously pass our Resolution through their House and Senate! It was signed by their governor on 1/17/16.
  • California and Delaware passed a version of the Resolution this year (2016).
  • More states have made commitments to introduce a resolution or legislation this Fall or in 2017!
  • The "kid" heavy backpack video is being shown in schools to students, teachers, administrators and parents!
  • Many child and health advocacy groups, such as NC Child and the Tennessee Public Health Association, support change by endorsing our mission!
  • The backpack movie is being seen worldwide!
  • Alabama adopted the resolution on February 21, 2017!
  • Hawaii, Indiana and the District of Columbia have filed the Resolution.
  • Oregon has filed both the Resolution AND Legislation. The resolution has passed in the Senate and is now on its way to the House.

Thank you so much for the comments left on both the website and petition. They help with showing legislators that constituents are wanting change!

Girl Scouts

A Girl Scout troop in Florida has taken on getting the resolution passed, through community outreach, this legislative session. It should be filed soon. What a wonderful opportunity to see how the legislative process works, standing up for something you believe in and staying the course until change happens!